We strongly believe that knowledge gives an certainty when doing any task. Same goes when selling your gold or other precious metal. When we sit down with you to appraise your items, we encourage you to be part of the process of evaluating your jewelry. We enjoy teaching every step of the way, giving you a full understanding of the transaction.

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Find your broker !

Finding a gold broker you feel comfortable with. That is why at Kingdom Gold we have taken a different route from your typical gold buyers. We aim to make your experience easy, discreet, convenient and most of all personable.

Categorize by metal and karat

Many gold buyers opt to use the earth magnet method. While it is an easy way to determine if an item is a precious metal or not, It can be known to not always work.

We will at first categorize your metals by the purity stamp. This tells us what mixture of gold and alloys the goldsmith used when it completed the item.

Get know our 5 steps approach

1.   Purity authentication

The next step is to acid test your jewelry, we love sharing this learning experience with our clients. This process can determine purity from 9 kt all the way to pure 999.9 gold.

2.   Your jewelry

After we categorize and authenticate your gold jewelry, we turn to the scale. Weighting each purity value on its own. The easiest way to convert weight to monetary value, is in grams. Our weighting is done right in front of you, so you can see the actual weight with for your self.

3.   Diamonds

Unlike many other gold brokers, we happily accept and pay for your diamonds. The price is based on the international wholesale diamond market. We purchase all diamonds above the SI2 clarity level.

4.   Quoting

We look up the current market price for that day with you. Showing you our sources and doing our calculations right in front of you. Leaving this free quote in your hands, with no obligation or pressure, while offering you the lowest brokerage fee in Calgary.

5.   Transaction

We try to accommodate everyone’s needs. Once we have reached an agreement. We can finish the transaction with providing your choose of Cheque, email transfer and in some cases depending on the amount cash.