Interview with Kingdomgold

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Why did you choose 17th Ave for the home of Kingdom Gold?

17th Ave in my eyes, is one of Calgary’s “heart” spots. Where retail, food and Entertainment combine to create its dynamic atmosphere. 17th is easy and convenient to get to from any part of the city. I wanted my brand to be associate with not just the trendy-ness of the area but also have that easy access point.

Tell us about Kingdom Gold. Where did the idea come from?

Kingdom Gold is a dream coming into action. I had worked in the industry for about 7 years, got my education durning that time and I had always loved what I did. But a moment came where I felt like I was no longer growing and had this need to adventure out on my own, I had so many ideas on how I would do things differently, I would share it with friends and family constantly, their belief in me encouraged me to take the leap of faith, into making it my own. It is a scary road but it’s one worth taking.

What are the services you offer?

Apart from buying Gold, diamonds and precious metals. We offer gold-smithing services, jewellery repairs, watch repairs. We always offer complementary cleanings. One of our short term goals is to get into custom designs and have our own display of custom pieces.

What is unique about Kingdom Gold that sets it apart from other gold buyers.

My main purpose with Kingdom is to create a different standard in Gold buying. Being in the industry for so long, I noticed one thing, selling a piece of jewelry in most cases is a emotion and personal experience. With most Gold Buyers, the broker is behind glass, its intimidating, every one in the room can hear the exchange. With Kingdom, I want to personalize that experience, not just be a broker behind glass, but to educate, understand and acknowledge every individual that walks into my office. To create a pleasant and even fun experience.

Your space is so beautiful and inviting. Tell us about the idea behind creating a space like this.

The idea was just that, to make it inviting. I wanted to create an atmosphere in which people want to be in, where I can share and build with my clients.

Are there any upcoming events or promotions we should mention?

We have been softy open for a couple months now. We are planning a Grand Opening party this summer! Stay tuned.