At Kingdom Gold, we involve our clients every step of the way, one of our main goals is to make every transaction as easy and clear as possible. Firstly, we inspect each piece brought in, doing a detailed inspection. Determining each items gold karat purity, it's weight and the diamonds clarity, colour & carat. All the acid testing and weighing is done in a way where each client is involved in the process. Once we have come to the details and the weight of each item, we move on to Analyzing and coming to a monetary figure for each item.


Second step, analyzing all the data we have collected and comparing it to the current market prices. The price of gold, diamonds and other precious metals, change by the minute. Which is why, while we are sitting with our clients we look up the current prices. We use the very reputable to analyze the prices. Once all parties involved have agreed on the price we do the math. Simply multiply the market price to the grams of each item.


The appraise and analyzing steps are done without any obligation to sell, it is a service we freely and enjoyably provide. If an agreement is reached, we like to make the transaction easy and convenient. We guarantee to take the lowest brokerage fee in the Calgary area. We also provide numerous ways to finalize the agreement, email transfers, cheque or simple cash. Our main goal is to make every experience simple, enjoyable and convenient.


Highest value per gram

We provide the highest most accurate price for your gold, diamonds or precious metals. Guaranteeing the lowest brokerage fee in Calgary. If you have been provided with a higher written quote, we are willing to match it.

Convenient payment methods

Providing the most accommodating payment methods in Calgary. We offer cheques or a simple email transfer, and cash on payments under $200.


At kingdom gold, we understand that transactions are a personal exchange. That is why we are setting a different and unique gold selling experience, with a office type atmosphere we do every transaction in the comfort of a closed door office.

Complimentary estimates

We invite you to come in, even if you are just curious on the value of your item. All our quotes are completely complimentary. No obligations or pressure.


"No other commodity enjoys as much universal acceptability and marketability as gold."

Hans F. Sennholz


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